September 06, 2016

I still can't believe that our wedding was 3 years ago! I can still remember going crazy, being stressed and feeling so many emotions while planning our wedding. Growing up I was the girl who always wanted a wedding, I didn't care if it was something small or big. All I wanted was to wear my dress and walk down the aisle to my prince charming! George and I were lucky to find each other at a young age and blessed to have such supporting families. We were engaged for about a year and a half before we got married. We knew we wanted to do a church, specially me being raised catholic having God's blessing was very important. The planning was so fun and came easy to me because I LOVE weddings. I would watch so many shows and knew everything wedding related lol. Another cool thing, is that George was very involved with the wedding planning. I actually loved that he was so involved, I know that it's rare for the girl to want the guy involved. If you know us, it's totally normal because we feed off of each other so much. George has so many good ideas and knows me the best!

Our wedding took place on May 11, 2013! Our colors were silver, white and teal blue, we both liked those colors and felt it was us. Our bridal party consisted of a total of 8 people, I don't know how people can have more than that! It gets overwhelming with so many people lol. The day of our wedding we were both so nervous and excited! The day we had been planning was finally here and we just couldn't wait to spend the rest of our lives together. I got ready with all the girls in a salon and George got ready with the guys at his parents house. All of our family and friends were so supportive the day of! Luckily we had the whole salon to ourselves, so we had a whole team working on our hair and makeup. Also, my dear friend Brunet and her husband let us get ready in their beautiful home. We started getting ready since 8:00am in the morning, I felt that day went by so fast it was crazy! Next thing I knew, I was in my dress and on the way to the church! Of course something always goes wrong lol, on the way to the church I screamed (OMG!!! THE RING!!! George is going to KILL ME!!) hahaha I had forgotten his ring at my friends house! Luckily her husband was still there and was able to bring it to the church. However, not in time for the ceremony so we had to use George's cousins wedding ring. It was nerve wrecking at the moment, but definitely a funny moment looking back on it. We had the most amazing time at our reception! We literally danced all night with all 140 guests! It was the best day of our lives and the fastest day too. I recall a lot of our married friends telling us to enjoy the day because it flies by. Oh boy, were they right the day went by so fast!

The most memorable moment for me of the whole wedding, was our first dance as husband and wife! I was looking forward to that dance so much, the spot light was on us and I couldn't picture anyone else by my side. In a room full of people, all I could see was George and I all alone. We have been through so much together, that it felt so great to finally be married and spending the rest of our lives together. We danced to the song by 98 degrees, called "I Do (cherish you)". If you are engaged or getting married soon, my suggestion is to enjoy every moment and do whatever makes YOU happy! It's your day and whatever you want goes! Also make sure to get a good photographer to capture every special moment. Here are a few of our favorite pictures of our big day!

xo, Kim