August 29, 2016

To continue this mini series I decided to do, today I'll be sharing the story of how George POPPED the question! This was easily one of the best days ever and of course I was totally surprised! George and I had been dating for 3 years exactly when he asked me to marry him. George popped the question on our 3 year anniversary. If you read my previous post, you know that our anniversary is on Christmas Day! It's literally our favorite holiday (we are Christmas freaks!!).

Since our anniversary is on Christmas we usually just stay in with the family or we celebrate the weekend before. However, on our 3rd anniversary George had told me he had something special planned. He wanted to go out on Christmas and celebrate! I didn't think anything of it, I just asked what he had in mind and he told me he wanted to rent a nice hotel room so we can have a romantic night away. This was not a red flag at all for me lol, George is SUPER romantic so this was not out of the ordinary from him. I also think that I was not expecting it since we would talk about marriage. He would say "we have time, we are young!" and I would say "yeah, you are right there is no rush." I figured, it would happen when the time was right and when God wanted it to.

When George said he wanted to rent a hotel room, I figured he would go all out and decorate it! He is very detailed and thinks of it all (I'm a very lucky girl!). He even bought me a dress just for that night! At the time we lived with my in laws, so having a romantic night away just us 2 was super nice! That evening we got ready, took some pictures of course and headed out. Since it was Christmas Day, not a lot of restaurants were open. We ended up at a Thai restaurant we love called Bonsai. Thinking back I recall George barely eating and me taking my time lol. I was concerned since George barely ate breakfast either, but George said his stomach wasn't agreeing with much that day. LOL of course I now know the REAL reason, poor thing was so nervous!!!

When we left the restaurant George blind folds me, so I wouldn't see where we were going. I was so excited because I love surprises! When he parked the car, he said to give him a minute while he went to the bathroom. When we finally got off, he told me to stand outside the room for a minute lol. I was so anxious at this point to see what he had done!! He then guides me into the room, one step at a time and then tells me to take the blind fold off. I was so excited and nervous it took me a couple seconds to do it. When I did, I see George down on one knee with the ring! He then blurts out "will you marry me?!". I was in complete shock, speechless and I started crying lol! I was totally surprised, I was not expecting him to propose that day! Of course I said YES and we called our families to let them know the good news! Everyone was so happy and excited for us. George decorated the room so beautiful and went all out! I loved everything and how much thought he put into making it so special. I loved that it was so intimate and just us 2! It was definitley one of the best nights of my life!

Here are some pictures of that special night and of our engagement photo shoot!
xo, Kim