August 17, 2016

I'm sure we all have jewelry pieces that we have to wear everyday! I have my everyday staples, that I cannot go a day without wearing. I wanted to share these with you guys because these pieces mean so much to me! They are also pieces that can go with anything I'm wearing.

My absolute favorite jewelry pieces are my wedding rings of course! These are a constant reminder of the most beautiful day of my life! Of course, I'm always wearing them and I'm still so obsessed with them! After 3 years I still find myself staring and admiring them lol! If you need help on how to clean your rings, check out my post here.
My Tiffany bracelets I NEVER take off! I literally do everything with them, it's safe to say I would feel naked without them. The one with the blue heart, I purchased in Atlanta and was my first Tiffany piece! The second one George got for me as a birthday gift, I love how cute and simple they look.
When it comes to watches, I switch between my Michael Kors and my Michele. I pick one depending how I feel that day or what I'm going to be doing. I'm really picky and careful with my things so I choose wisely to take care of them. If anything my MK watch I wear more, just because the Michele is my baby lol so it's more for special occasions!
I also have 2 necklaces I switch between, my Tiffany heart necklace and my cross one. I pick these depending on the top I'm wearing. Aren't they so cute? My Tiffany necklace was actually purchased at the Tiffany store in NY, that was our first trip to NY together!
My earrings have to be white gold, if not my ears get irritated and start to hurt! So I'm always wearing squared diamond ones. I need new ones so I will get my other favorite ones, silver bead earrings! I like to keep my earrings simple and small. (forgot to picture them :(...)
What are your staple jewelry pieces?

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xo, Kim


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