August 15, 2016

Our wall gallery is one of my favorite things in our home. I love it so much because it's a constant reminder of fun, beautiful and special moments in our lives. I wanted to share with you some ideas and tips on how to put together your gallery wall. All these tips will ensure that your gallery wall brings a smile to your face after a long day at work, school etc. Mine certainly makes me smile :)

If you know me, you know that I love pictures and videos! Yes, yes I'm that annoying person who wants to take a million pictures and capture every moment no matter where we are lol. I think pictures and videos are an excellent way to capture special moments and relive them. Exactly why I started blogging, to capture things I'm loving, doing or things that have happened. This is also the reason why I wanted to create a gallery wall in #TheMoralesHome. I wanted to dedicate a space in our home to special memories. We chose the family room because that is where we spend most of our time! I also didn't want to have a million frames everywhere or have my home look like an art exhibition lol.
Sparkle Tips:
1. Select a place in your home to create the wall gallery. Keep in mind, it should be a place you will be able to see the pictures. Possibly a place where friends and family can see them as well when visiting.
2. Once you have chosen the wall, be realistic about how many frames will actually fit. You don't want it to look like too much. You want it to be the center of the room but not an eye sore...if you know what I mean. Less is more, keep that in mind! :)
3. Start shopping around for frames, this is where you can get creative and fun with it. I'm OCD so I decided to go with all the same size and color frames. I went with white so it can pop with our light grey walls. I purchased ours at Target  at a very affordable price too! You can do the same or mix it up with different color frames and sizes!
4. Once you purchase your frames you can start choosing your pictures. Think of special people and events in your life. We chose some wedding pictures of course and pictures of our nephews. Eventually, we will be adding baby pictures to the mix lol. Basically all of our close family and friends! 
5. Once you're done choosing you can go ahead and send them to print. We ordered ours with Walgreens in the size 8X10. You can choose them in all one color or keep them the same color the picture has. We decided to print our pictures in color, except the one of us 2 just because we like how it pops from the rest of the pictures.
6. George then measured the wall and made sure we were placing the frames in the exact center of the wall. We then discussed how we wanted the frames, we chose to do one under another in 2 straight rows. A lot of people like making it more like a collage and spread the frames around.
7. Lastly, we hung up the frames and then used a level to make sure all the frames were straight!
8. Sit back and enjoy your new and meaningful wall gallery!

Leave any questions below!

xo, Kim