August 12, 2016

With summer coming to an end soon, I know most people like to take a last minute vacation! I mean, who wouldn't right? While reminiscing on our trip this summer to Playa Del Carmen, Mexico , I decided to share with you all some of my traveling tips! This mostly includes tips and tricks I use for packing. I'm OCD so when it comes to traveling, I always pack at least 2 weeks in advance to my trip lol. May sound crazy but I like to make lists and be prepared! I also like everything neatly packed and organized. Now you don't have to pack so in advance, but I hope these tips can help you!

1. Make sure you have luggage tags and a passport holder! The luggage tags help you easily identify your luggage, you'll thank me later trust me lol. The passport holder makes it easy to access your passport of course, you can also add your license, credit cards, boarding passes etc. This saves you from shuffling threw your bag in the middle of the airport.
2. This trick I learn from my dear friend Bee! While visiting her house one day, I saw her add Snuggle fabric softener sheets to her empty luggage. I was like "what?!?!" lol she said she adds them before she stores her luggage. This way when she is ready to pack for a trip, her luggage smells fresh and clean! Ever since then, I've been doing this and it's life changing! Plus, that is my favorite scent ever! Feel free to add 1, 2 or 10 hahaha just kidding...anyways :P.. Give it a try guys!
3. Since I am a clean freak, I'm picky when it comes to packing shoes. No matter what, I always place our shoes in plastic bags. I mean think about it, do you want your shoes rubbing all over your clean clothes? ew...exactly lol! 

4. Zip lock bags are everything!! Very useful when packing any hygiene or hair products! I use the large ones to pack shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, body wash, face wash...etc! Anything that is liquid or can explode lol. That way if God forbid it pops, it does not spill all over your clothes! It actually happened to us when we came back from Mexico. George opened our luggage and our shampoo had popped open! Luckily it was inside the zip lock bag!
5. This tip is very helpful when picking out your outfits and putting them together. I started doing this because I'm a very visual person and I wanted a better picture of my outfits. I lay down each outfit on my bed, one by one. I include shoes and accessories as well, then I take a picture of each one. I keep it as a reference and see if I want to change anything. Trust me it helps to get a visual of everything put together. It also helps you remember what shoes, accessories goes with what outfit.
6. I ALWAYS take my makeup with me, I do not pack this in my luggage. I have a fear that something can break, pop or crack! So I have a makeup bag for traveling! I carry this either in my purse or on top of my carry on. It gives me piece of mind that my makeup is safe lol. I mean come on, makeup is pricey and not worth risking it getting ruined. I neatly pack it in there and use smaller bags if I want for my brushes etc. I've been doing this for years and I can't do it any other way!
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These are my must know tips when traveling anywhere! I hope these are helpful and can make your next packing experience easier. Don't hesitate to ask any questions.

xo, Kim