September 09, 2016

Hello beauties! I'm so happy to be sharing this post with you all. Since I do have curly thick hair, I'm always on the hunt for good hair products! I can't begin to tell you how many times I've used products for "curly hair" and have been disappointed. They always weigh my curls down or make my hair super oily. So I was super excited when Schwarzkopf  sent me these products to sample! I have read so many good things about their products. I have been using these two products for two weeks now and I'm obsessed! They really help to add moisture and condition my hair beautifully. They also smell amazing!

I use the Omega Repair 60 second treatment right after I shampoo and condition and I make sure to let it sit for 1 minute. I focus on my ends the most, since that is my problem area. As soon as I wash it off, I can already feel my hair soft to the touch. I have never used a product that really makes my hair so soft, especially my ends since they tend to be dry. I feel that it really adds moisture to my hair and that's so important since I'm always using hot tools on my hair.

The Omega Repair 11-in-1 leave in is really good too! I've always used a spray, so this was different for me since it's a cream. I was a bit nervous thinking it would make my hair oily, but it did not it's a super light creamy texture. This I applied only to the ends of my hair as I would normally do a spray. I loved how easily it untangled my hair, and how smooth it was when brushing it out.

For the time that I have been using these products, I can already tell the difference they've made in my hair! My natural curly hair is soft and bouncy! I love that they not only treat my hair, but give it volume and life! I would definitely recommend these for any hair type....I'm loving them SO much!

Let me know if you have tried their products before or if you give these a try! I would like to thank Schwarzkopf again for sending me these products. These are becoming my favorite go to products, I look forward to trying more of their products soon.

xo, Kim