September 12, 2016

When we landed in Jamaica, everything was so beautiful and the people were so welcoming! We stayed for 5 nights and 6 days in the Sandals Resort! It was my first time in an all inclusive resort so I was very excited!
Let's just say we ATE a lot lol, we spent most of our days at the beach enjoying our time alone. The hotel knew we were newlyweds, so they gave us a complimentary champagne bottle and breakfast in bed. The hotel had 6 different restaurants, so we ate at a different one every night. My favorite night was our dinner by the ocean George surprised me with! It was magical, just us two having a candlelit dinner by the ocean. It was SO romantic, I'm so lucky that my hubby is such a romantic. He knows that's what I'm all about, It means so much to me having special moments just us two. Another memorable memory was when we went white river rafting! It was so much fun and the views were beautiful! Needless to say, we had a great time in Jamaica. The people were so sweet and fun! I love their accent, culture and music of course. Till this day, any time I hear a reggae song I think of our amazing honeymoon.

Here are some pictures! (the hotel had professional photographers going around. We got lucky, we got to capture some special moments on our trip

Our candlelight dinner by the ocean
Some of our favorite pictures
White river rafting
I would love to know where you guys plan on going for your honeymoons or where you guys went. Comment below to share!

xo, Kim