August 08, 2016

This past Saturday George and I had a date night with his sister, her hubby, and two of our great friends! We attended a wine tasting at a local winery in Homestead, FL. The Schnebly Redland's Winery & Brewery is simply beautiful and unique. As soon as you walk in you feel a pleasurable and fun ambience. George and I have never done a wine tasting before, so we were very excited! When planning a date night, try researching new places to go. You'd be surprised how many amazing and fun places are around you waiting to be discovered. Plus you can make new memories with your significant other or friends!

The bar is right in the center as soon as you walk in, it is so cute with the wine barrels all around. Our group gathered around the bar and we were each given a wine glass (which we got to keep). Our bartender then gave us a wine list to check off 5 wines we would like to taste! The unique thing about these wines is that they are all fruit based. All the ones I tasted were so delicious! I tasted Sweet Avocado, Guava, Passion Fruit, Lychee and Cat 3 Hurricane (A mix of: Lychee, Guava, & Carambola). It's literally the perfect place for a date night! Aside from the wine bar, you also have a restaurant where you can eat. Another cool option they have is their covered patio area outside. They have a lot of picnic benches everywhere and a live band playing. I love that because you can have fun on the dance floor! You can also bring your own food to snack on, which is great because everyone can pitch in! It's like an adult know cause of the wine and all lol. :P We had an assortment of cheeses, ham, and other yummy snacks. Keep in mind that you don't have to do the wine tasting like we did. You can simply go buy a bottle, eat and have a great time. We had such a fun time with everyone! The music was great, the food was delicious and the wine was divine! I'm so happy we decided to give this place a try. We will definitely be coming back!

Sparkle Tip: If you live in Miami or plan on visiting, be sure to check this place out! We all had an ultimate wine tasting package for 2 from Groupon, which was less than half the actual price. How amazing is that! This is a great date night option even for someone on a budget!

p.s. George and I want to thank my cousin Kathy and her husband Gio for gifting us this wine tasting package. 

xo, Kim