August 04, 2016

YAY! I'm finally sharing with you guys my Berrylicious salad! I absolutely love fruits and that includes any type of berry related fruit! I came up with this recipe one day while making my breakfast smoothie. While adding the spinach, blueberries and strawberries I thought to myself how good would a salad of this taste!? SO...I gave it a try for lunch one day lol and I fell in love with it. The spinach pairs perfectly with the fruit. Of course, with time I have added an ingredient or two to spice it up. What I'm sharing with you today is my final recipe! I love how refreshing and delicious this tastes on a hot summer day.

What you need:
Salad bowl
A bag of spinach
Dried Cranberries
Feta Cheese

Lightly rinse the spinach out and pour into your salad bowl. This salad bowl is my fave and was also a wedding gift ;)
Add the blueberries to the spinach! I always buy organic but any are fine (I rinsed all the fruit prior to adding it to the salad)
Cut each strawberry into 4 pieces and add to salad bowl. The best part of this salad is that you can add as many or little of anything you want. I eyeballed everything, it depends how many people are going to be eating :)
The next ingredient I add is feta cheese. This adds texture and pairs well with the spinach and berries...besides why not add cheese lol...right?
For a bit of a crunch I add slivered almonds but you can add any type of nuts you want. 
I love dried cranberries! I add them to all my salads lol they taste so good and are healthy to eat.
Lastly, I add this blush wine vinaigrette that goes perfect with strawberries! If you can't find this one, any vinaigrette will work just fine or try using your favorite dressing. Remember it's fine to experiment and have fun in the kitchen!
How beautiful and delicious does this salad look? I love all the colors together, it looks so pretty! The best part is that it's HEALTHY!
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xo, Kim