July 18, 2014

I sort of have a thing for mason they can be used for so many things! I swear Pinterest has so many ideas on how to use them. If you follow me on Pinterest you can see I pinned lots of ideas lol! So when I saw that you can make vases out of mason jars I freaked out. I fell in love with how the white ones looked and how it makes the color of the flowers POP.

Materials needed:
- Mason Jar
- White Paint (make sure its for glass)
- Artificial Hydrangeas
- Floral Foam

How to:
1. Clean mason jar and make sure there is no debris.
2. Pour about half the bottle of the white paint into the jar and close.
3. Shake the mason jar like crazy lol but BE CAREFUL!
4. Leave mason jar open and let dry for about 3 days
5. Once jar is dry insert the foam and flowers!
6. Enjoy!  
* I purchased everything at Michael s*

Here is how mine turned out!
xo, Kim