June 25, 2014

Hello Everyone! I'm very happy & excited to share that my hubby and I are officially homeowners! We just moved in this weekend and we are so excited to be sharing this experience together!

We are having so much fun decorating and organizing our things, my favorite part is of course the KITCHEN! LOL Hey I'm going to be spending a lot of time in there so might as well make it fun & cute! I plan to post a couple of pictures of some projects I have in mind for our home and some decor ideas so keep an eye out! I recently purchased two new things for my kitchen and I'm totally obsessed with them!

1. Pure Komachi 2 PINK Santoku knife! This knife is so cute & of course my favorite color!!! can't wait to put it to use.

2. A Real Girls Kitchen cook book by Haylie Duff! I absolutely love her style and show on her blog, the recipes all look healthy and fresh which is totally up my ally. I truly suggest you check out her blog and show on the cooking channel I promise you will fall in love with her she is so sweet! Here is the link from where I purchased the book

xo, Kim