February 26, 2021

     Hey everyone! This blog post is all about my third trimester and how everything is going so far. I truly love my blog because it’s quickly become somewhat of a journal for me. Where I can document special memories and just express myself! Today I decided to document my last trimester being pregnant with baby Adrianna. This pregnancy hasn’t been the easiest on me to say the least, but it’s only made me feel so proud of my body for everything it’s capable of doing. It’s truly incredible how strong us women are! I honestly feel so blessed and lucky to be able carry our second child. This pregnancy has been the total opposite of my pregnancy with Alessandra. Which is crazy and goes to show how different everyone is and how different every pregnancy can truly be. Comparing this pregnancy to my first, it's easy to say I had a "perfect" pregnancy with Alessandra.

     This pregnancy has come with lots of back pain since I am carrying way lower than with Alessandra. Apparently that is very common with each and every pregnancy after your first. Which also means I go to the bathroom a lot more lol. Especially now that she is fully in position, head down and ready to go! I've also developed a hernia in my belly button, that I am hoping goes away on it's own and won't require a surgery after birth. (this also is common with each pregnancy after your first).

     The hardest part for me has been that I've also been battling anemia and gestational diabetes. Talk about the total opposite of my first pregnancy, also this hasn't been the easiest on me mentally and physically. I know there are women that go through this all the time and even much worse than what I have been going through. However, I still feel the need to vent with you all and just say how I'm feeling for my sake really. I've always found writing therapeutic and helpful. I'm sure a lot of you reading this can relate somehow. 

    I'm the type of person who likes to be positive and have a good outlook in any scenario. That has been tested with this pregnancy many times. However, this pregnancy has truly taught me to give myself grace and it's taught me to have patience with my body. It's taught me that it's ok to break down, cry and let go of what I can't control and do the best I can with what I can control. It's taught me to slow down and take things easy and a day at a time. So for that I am grateful! I've managed to stay positive and focus on the good during this season in life. It hasn't been easy and I haven't done it alone. I'm so thankful for having an extremely supporting husband who is always there for me no matter what! 

     Now, please do not get me wrong and think I am complaining or have a negative outlook on pregnancy. I'm truly just venting and expressing what I'm going through. Trust me, I know us mother's and soon to be mother's would do anything for our children. It's just very stressful in my opinion, I feel so much pressure on making sure this baby remains safe and healthy. I swear it's a mom thing, we can't help it! At this point, I am just counting the days until we have her here and complete our family of 4. I know this chapter in my life will be special and I look forward to everything in store for me and my family.

     I guess what I'm trying to say is that this pregnancy has made me truly see everything us women go through in a different way. It has made me value my body so much more and has made me understand how incredible our bodies are. The sacrifices and everything we go through is truly unbelievable! So to any woman reading this, no matter what stage in your life you are in, remember you are strong, brave and beautiful. 

xo, Kim