February 26, 2021

 Hello loves! I’m officially 9 months pregnant with baby #2 and counting down the days till we meet baby Adrianna! That being said, I’m in full nesting mode and getting everything ready for her arrival. That’s what I decided to dedicate this blog post to my baby registry must haves!

There are so many baby products out there! I know it can be overwhelming and confusing at times. I’ve created this list for my mamas out there, on items I believe are MUST haves. I have all these items and truly believe you’ll put them to use. So if you’re expecting, I would definitely add these items to your baby registry. Trust me!

I honestly feel so much more prepared and experienced for the arrival of baby #2. That is why I feel that this time around it only makes sense to make a baby registry must have list! Everyone is different and has different preferences. However, these items I am listing I feel are a truly needed and can be helpful with your new bundle of joy. I consider these items to be practical and important to start this new chapter in your life. I will be listing each one below, in no specific order with a small summary as to how I use them.

Skip Hop Pronto Signature Changing Station- This portable changing station is super convenient when you are in a rush or do not want to take your whole diaper bag to the restroom. It holds diapers and comes with a wipe case as well. I love that it can hook on to your stroller and can be convenient for a trip to the park or even Disney for example. I love items that you can easily grab and go! This makes changing diapers on the go a breeze.

Boppy Nursing Pillow - This is a big one for me! Whether you plan to breastfeed or not this pillow is a life saver. You can use it as support to hold your little one and your arms won't get tired. I used this a lot when breast feeding and bottle feeding. I even give this to friends and family while holding baby to help them feel comfortable. This pillow can also be used by baby for tummy time and when they are learning to sit up. I actually have 2, one to have in my room and another to have downstairs. 

Aden + Anais Muslin Swaddle blankets - I LOVE this brand of swaddle so much! They are soft, amazing quality and they have the cutest designs. I used this brand with Alessandra and  I still have some I will be using with Adrianna. I use these throughout the day for anything really. Love that they are thin too, so they are breathable for baby. Perfect for swaddling or even to layout for baby to play around.

Crown Crafts Dundee Mills Burp Cloths - These are the simplest burp cloths and old school lol. However, they are the most absorbent and affordable since they will get stained with spit up. I have so many of these for everyday use at feedings. Since babies spit up, these are ideal for everyday trust me. I save my cute design ones for when we go out, but these are perfect for everyday real life. 

Fridababy 3-in-1 Humidifier - Give me ALL the Fridababy products! I am so obsessed with this brand that has perfected everyday baby items and has come up with practical everyday baby products. I love this Humidifier because it's also a diffuser and nightlight! You can add their vapor drops and diffuse them to help ease baby to sleep. It's small and works great! I've used it already on Alessandra when she had allergies. This helped her a lot and was so easy to use/clean.

Brica Elite Seat Guardian - This is a dad must have as well lol. Let's face it car seats are big and heavy! This will help protect the seats in your car from any damage! George loves this product so much, we still use ours with Alessandra in her convertible car seat and got another one for the second car seat of course.

Skip Hop 2-in-1 Activity Floor Seat - These little seats are so convenient to have. Baby can practice sitting up and will be entertained for a while. I plan to use this little chair to have the girls play together and take Adrianna anywhere around the house safely. 

Owlet Smart Sock - Now this we did not have with Alessandra, but we decided to get it this time around. I'm very excited and relieved I will have more peace of mind that baby will be safer. I know a lot of people that have used it and recommend it. I would say that it's definitely worth the splurge because it's extra security for baby. Plus they can use it for a whole year, when they are at most risk for SIDS.

BEABA Baby Food Maker - This is also a new item for me to try with baby # 2. However, I can already see so many benefits from this. It cooks the food and blends it all in the same machine! Super handy to have when making baby food each week. I personally start feeding the baby food at 4 months and I personally like to make it all at home if I can. Specially when they are first trying it, so this machine I know will be used a lot! Plus they also sell a recipe book with lots of ideas by age. 

Motorola 5" Video Baby Monitor - This was all on George to choose lol he loves all the tech items,  so he chose this camera for the girls. It's the upgrade version from Alessandra's, so we already knew it was a very good monitor to add to our list. This one is great because we can see both girls from the same monitor. 

Aden + Anais Wearable Blanket - These wearable blankets are great to keep baby warm and safe while sleeping through the night. They are soft, thin and come in lots of patterns and sizes. Remember you should not put baby to sleep with a blanket, so this designs is a great compromise! 

Fridababy Snotsucker - Ok this item was so weird to me at first and disgusting to be honest. However, when Alessandra would get stuffy this little contraption got all her boogies out! I loved how much it helped her. As a mom, you would do anything to help your baby feel better. This included lol and it's also very easy to clean. This was a no brainer to add to my registry for Adrianna. 

Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine - We are huge fans of using a sound machine for bedtime! We've always used one with Alessandra. So when I came across this one, I decided to buy her one because of all the cool features. So we now have one for each girl and even Alessandra loves her little upgrade. This machine can be controlled from your phone! You can customize the color, sounds, and even adjust the volume and brightness. You can even set up a schedule to have it automatically turn on and off.  We love Alessandra's and cannot wait to use it with Adrianna as well. Definitely a purchase that you can use for a long time! 

DocATot - This is also a new item for me to try and I'm so excited! It is pricey, but I feel that I will use it so much. It's a great and safe docking station for baby to be in for tummy time, diaper changes and just lounging. She can use this until she is 8 moths old and is easy to travel with as well. 

Snuggle Nest - This I plan to give to my mother in law, so she can use at her home while watching Adrianna. It's the same concept as the DocATot, but much more inexpensive and this one folds up in half making it easy to store and travel with. The sides are also very high and hard, which allows baby to sleep in bed with you if needed safely. 

Angelcare Baby Bath Tub - I loved the simple design of this bath tub and that the water does not collect at the bottom. I love that it flows right out through the bottom, so the baby is not sitting it the already rinsed out water. Plus it can be hung, is smaller and has good support.

Skip Hop Stroller Organizer - A stroller organizer is a must! You will definitely use it, trust me! This one is super compact, sleek and a great design! Great for drinks, wallet, and your phone.

OXO Tot Wipes Dispenser - This is hands down the best wipes dispenser I have ever used! I get a single wipe on every pull. I love that it has a built in weight that makes it easy for every wipe to come out easily. It also comes in different colors, we have one in each bathroom and one is Adrianna's room. 

Freshly Picked Diaper Bag - This is my fave diaper bag! First of all, it does not even look like a diaper bag because of the design. Super stylish and easy to clean! I currently have the mini version and get so many compliments on it. This time I chose the bigger one to use with both girls once Adrianna is older. I love the high quality material, how slim it is and how spacious it truly is. Plus it can be carried many ways, which makes it easy to adjust when you are on the go.

Baby Care playmat -  This mat is easy to layout for baby to play on safely and the best part is that it can be wiped clean! I also love that it's reversible and big enough for baby to move around freely. 

Halo SleepSack - These are awesome and much faster when swaddling your babies at night! Thanks to the Velcro that helps secure babies arms down and in place. Just as a swaddle would, but in half the time. 

I hope this list helps you mams out there and gives you some guidance. Creating a baby registry is fun, but can be a bit stressful with so many options. Just remember everyone is different and every baby is different. Go with your gut and your everyday life routine! Sometimes you just have to go with the flow and buy things as you go. I will be linking everything below to make it easier for you to find. 

xo, Kim