March 05, 2020

Hello everyone! This blog post is all about Young Living Essential Oils and why we love them so much. I say we because, as a family we decided to make this small change in our lives. A change that is better for our health and will benefit us in many ways. This year our family goal is to lead a healthier life style, to the best of our abilities! As a mom and wife that makes me feel super happy and proud.

We decided to stop buying candles and if you know us that is a big deal! We are huge Bath and Body Works fans and had been using their candles for years. However, I had read an article where it explained how bad candles are for you to breathe in. Aside from that, George and I started developing headaches and would get super stuffy as well. That is when I knew we had to make a change for our health. 

I first heard of Young Living about 5 years ago and I was intrigued by essential oils. However, I honestly forgot about it. Then one day while I was scrolling on Instagram, I saw one of my favorite bloggers mentioning it. Then it clicked in my head “That’s right! Young Living”. Coincidentally, George's cousin Lissandra, was already using them and is a pro at essential oils. She showed us the oils and we spend quite some time talking about them. That is when we decided to officially become part of the Young Living family in January of this year. We were so excited to learn all about the oils and all the benefits they have to offer.

We started with their starter kit and have been slowly growing our collection. I’ve been having so much fun mixing oils and trying new recipes. My favorite scent is lavender and so far it is our most used oil! The best thing about Young Living is that they are pure essential oils, derived naturally from plants. That is why we specifically chose Young Living. They have a high level of sourcing and that helps ensure a high level quality and authenticity of essential oils. I’ve seen other brands of essential oils, but I only trust Young Living to be 100% pure. You can use these oils and their products to diffuse, in your home and for many health benefits.

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Feel free to contact me with any questions. 

xo, Kim