January 09, 2020

Hello everyone! Today I will be sharing my current Amazon favorites. Just like many of you, I also love Amazon and all the items they offer. I plan to post updates every so often, in hopes that my Amazon finds will help you too. Plus, I also like good deals and I love sharing that with you guys! Okay now let's get into all the goodies!!!

These headbands are super cute, comfortable and great quality! I love that they come in a three piece set and the colors go with everything. I used to wear a lot of headbands back in the day and I'm excited to bring them back to my wardrobe. I forgot how much I love them and how adorable they are. They are also the perfect statement piece and can easily complete your look. Oh and they also fit toddlers, Alessandra is obsessed with wearing them too!

This pink tumbler reminds me of the Yeti one, but with a much better price! I love the color and it leaves my water cold all day long. It also brings two options for the straw and that it comes with the brush to clean them. Believe me when I say that the quality is amazing. This tumbler also comes in different colors, George actually has the navy blue one. 

These sunglasses are super stylish and also comes in different colors. I already have the black ones and was dying to get my hands on this color. I think that these can be flattering on many face shapes and do a good job at blocking off the sun. I always get complimented on them and they feel very sturdy for the price. I highly recommend these super cute sunglasses, specially if you are on the hunt for an affordable pair.

xo, Kim