March 19, 2020

Happy first day of SPRING everyone! Today I wanted to share all the spring vibes in the Morales home. I love the feeling of spring and all the pastel colors. I'm a neutral color person, but when it comes to pastel colors I'm all for it. This year we decided to go simple and add little touches around the house. To be honest, we really only go crazy for Christmas time. That is our favorite holiday and means so much to us. Christmas was when George proposed to me and when we announced to everyone we were expecting. So that holiday has a special place in our hearts always!

For spring time, I also bust out all my Easter decorations! I feel that it is a must lol I love all the cute bunny's. Also, now that Alessandra is older she gets more excited and is starting to understand each holiday. She also notices when I change up the decor in the house and starts asking me what everything is. I think it is so cute and find it funny how much they actually notice those things. 
Something we have been incorporating in our decoration is our front porch. We use to just hang a wreath and call it a day. However, we have been getting inspired to add plants and add more life to it. So we did just that with some artificial flowers and low maintenance greenery. We turned it into a little family project and Alessandra had so much fun helping us. I will add some pictures of that day as well.

I hope that this post encourages you to decorate your home and get some ideas to help you! I love sharing our home decor with you all. Feel free to tag me on your posts so I can see your beautiful homes. That makes me so happy!

xo, Kim