May 23, 2019

Hi guys! I'm so happy to be sharing my top Podcasts with you all. I love sharing everything I'm loving and anything that helps make life better. You all know I'm all about the positive vibes and finding daily inspiration. I believe that our mind is very powerful and we can always learn new ways to improve it. This year I have been listening to Podcasts and I have truly learned so much!

The podcasts I listen to are amazing! They speak about various topics, that I feel we can all relate to! From marriage, kids, religion and life, etc. I love listening to these podcasts when I am driving, working or doing my makeup. They honestly relax me so much! If you know me, you know I love listening to music. However, this year I have been really into changing it up and soaking up knowledge from wiser individuals. Some of these podcasts are very funny and I literally laugh out loud. I can honestly say that I have learned so much and I feel more confident in everything I do!

These are the podcasts I listen to:
The Good Life - Stevie and Sazan Hendrix
Behind The Scenes: Jeremy and Audrey Roloff
Like to Know it: Amber Venz Box
Asking for a Friend: Lauren Conrad

 I highly recommend these podcasts! They have guest speakers as well, speaking about different subjects. I believe that is very insightful and educational. I always take something from each episode and try to apply it to my life. I have noticed a change in my attitude and outlook on life for the better. I love how much I'm learning and how productive I've become. If you need a pick me up, a good laugh or inspiration I suggest listening to these podcasts. You will be pleasantly surprised how much you'll be able to relate to these podcasts. If you do give these podcasts a listen, make sure you tag me! I would love to connect and talk to you more.  

xo, Kim