March 05, 2019

Hey guys! I'm so excited to share my top baby must haves with you all. These are items that I feel you NEED to have and can be very helpful. I am basing these items on things I am currently loving for Alessandra. She is a year and a half at the moment and these items have been my holy grail! I am constantly using these items. Being a mom is my favorite job in the whole world! Therefore, I am always on the hunt for the best for my little one. However, sometimes finding the right products can become overwhelming. Now a days, there are so many products to choose from. Luckily, I have been able to narrow it down to these products that I feel you absolutely need! These are items that I feel that every parent can benefit from having and can make life a bit easier.

This table is seriously the best! It is a 3 in 1 activity table and it’s also so adorable. I love that it is compact and the colors are right up my ally. We are currently using it on the sit stage for Alessandra who is a year and a half old. This table is a space saver, it’s three stages are sit, swivel, bounce and play! This would be great for smaller spaces as well. We use it for her to play and eat, it’s also convenient for when her little friends come over to play.
We literally take this cup everywhere! It was a great starter cup to help her transition from sippy cup. They have 2 sizes, the smaller one has handles which is great when they first start out. The bigger size, is what she is using now that she is more stable walking. I love that this cup is so easy to clean and really does not spill! 
The Skip Hop Zoo collection is the most adorable thing ever! I love the variety of animals to pick from too. Alessandra’s favorite are the butterfly and lady bug. If you are a mama, you know that all our little ones want to do is explore! Specially at Alessandra’s age, so this cup is perfect for her to have with  her while playing. Aside from the snack cup, we have the plates, utensils, lunch box, back pack and rolling bag. You guys have to check it out, it’s super high quality! 

These 3 diaper bags are, in my opinion the BEST! I used the Ju-Ju-be Be Prepared diaper bag from the newborn to 5 month stage. It’s perfect to fit lots of diapers, blankets, clothes etc. It is so spacious, you can even travel with it. The Skip Hop Forma Backpack, we used from 6 months to 10 months. This backpack is still spacious, but is easier to manage with a more active baby. The color and fabric are great as well. This is George’s favorite bag as well, he says it’s very comfortable and he likes that it is all black. My Current diaper bag is the Freshly Picked one! This we used from 11 months to present. This is my absolute favorite diaper bag. If you want more details on this bag, you can click here and see what I have inside.

Nose Frida: This is the perfect tool for removing snot. It is safe and can be cleaned thoroughly! Aka, a life saver.
Boogie Wipes: These wipes are super gentle and have saline water. They are so soft and clean up your little ones nose easily.
Humidifier: When I see that Alessandra is congested, I use this humidifier in her room. This helps to add moisture to the room and helps her breath better. As a mama, this gives me piece of mind when she is sleeping.
Thermometer: This is one thing that I can fully trust and most importantly, it provides me with fast results! All you have to do is, press the button and run it against your little ones forehead towards the left side. It will automatically provide you with a fast reading. This is important when your little one is not feeling the best.

Honest Hand Sanitizer: No matter what bag I have, I always carry one of these with me. I am a clean freak and sometimes Alessandra put her hands in her mouth. So this is perfect and safe for her to use. She also thinks it’s a game and loves when we all spray it on our hands haha.
Wet Ones Wipes: These are great to wipe down tables at restaurants or grocery carts. This removes all germs and it makes me feel more comfortable for her to touch things at public places. It’s crazy how many things you realize have so many germs, especially when you have kids that want to touch it all!
Munchkin Disposable Diaper Bags: I have used these countless times. Even when we are visiting at someone’s house. I feel that it’s very thoughtful and considerate to use. I’ve even used it for any trash I might have, not just dirty diapers.

Aveeno Eczema Therapy moisturizing cream and balm: Alessandra has dry sensitive skin, this causes her to get eczema. Aveeno has worked great for us so far and adds moisture to her skin. I use it 2x’s a day. Specially after we bathe her, since baby’s lose moisture when they bathe.
Honest Conditioning Detangler: I love this spray to detangle her hair! It also smells amazing! This makes it easier to brush her hair and most importantly it protects her baby hair.
Bourdeaux Butt Paste: Alessandra has sensitive skin and this is the only ointment that helps her when she has a diaper rash. I’ve used it since she was  newborn and still use it every day. The red one is the best one!

This little bunny, is Alessandra’s ALL TIME favorite. She has to have it to sleep, she has been using it since she was about 3 months. I believe this makes her feel more calm and helps soothe her to sleep. I highly suggest getting your little ones to having a security blanket. I truly believe that it is a major factor in helping them to self sooth.

These bags are super convenient to have. I use them for her snacks on the go and are perfect to have for the beach/pool. I love that they are reusable and are great quality. They have many designs and sizes, but I just had to choose Minnie Mouse!

xo, Kim