March 07, 2019

Hey guys! Ahhh I'm so excited to FINALLY share our kitchen update with you all! I feel so blessed to have my dream kitchen. In my opinion, a house is a never ending project. There is always something to work on or update. However, that is the fun part of being a homeowner! George and I love house projects and decorating. Even though it can get very hectic and messy at times. Our kitchen was a bit of a process.

We decided to take everything step by step when remodeling our kitchen. Specially having a little one in the mix. All I can remember is the dust and having all our kitchen items in the dinning room...such a mess lol. It was definitely all worth it, because our kitchen now is so BEAUTIFUL! I am so obsessed with how it tuned out. I literally cannot stop staring at it!

This was our kitchen before the renovation. This is the original kitchen, we did not change a thing. We have been living in our home for about 5 years now. It wasn't terrible, but George and I wanted something that showed more of our style.

We started off by choosing our back splash and counter tops. We decided to do all white and make it look very clean. I've always loved the idea of  having an all white kitchen. I think it looks so petty and really opens up the space. This is when George and I decided on our back splash lol!

For our counter tops, we ended up choosing Gold Calacatta Quartz. I loved the subtle coloring in the veins and how clean it looks. This is also easy to maintain and you don't have to worry about it getting stained if something spills. That was super important to me, since we do love to cook and entertain. Also with having a little one running around, we needed something that was going to last for years to come. Isn't it crazy how huge these pieces are?

A major design change we decided to do was lowering our counter top. We decided that it would make the kitchen more welcoming and it will look better aesthetically. We were so right you guys, it looks SO DIFFERENT!

Once the counters were installed, we had the back splash installed as well. Already you can see how different our kitchen looks. At this point we still had not done our cabinets, were taking is slow since we were living in our house at this time.

Once we did our cabinets, boy oh boy was it a game changer! Such a HUGE difference, we had to adjust to it. We could not believe how different our kitchen looked.

If you guys have any questions, please feel free to leave me a comment.

xo, Kim


  1. Did you hire someone to paint your cabinets? I would love to do that to mine. Also, we’re your cabinets real wood?

    1. Hi, yes we did hire someone, it was just easier for us. Our cabinets are real wood. I highly suggest researching someone to paint them for you. We are usually handy, but felt safer hiring someone professional for this project. Good luck, xoxo