February 12, 2019

Hello ladies, today's post is all about one of my favorite hobbies! Shopping for my little princess hahaha, I love to buy and pick out clothes for her to wear, it is so fun. I will also be sharing what are my go to stores to shop for her clothes.

When I found out that I was having a girl, I knew I would have so much fun buying clothes. I was definitely right about that. There are so many options for little girls. From the clothes, shoes, bows and jewelry. You seriously do not know where to start lol! When finding clothes for her, I quickly realized what stores were better than others. What am I referring to when I say that? I'm referring to the quality and variety of the clothes.

Our favorite stores to shop at are Old Navy, Gap and Target. We feel that they have the best quality and most variety at a reasonable price. Their clothes also does not shrink like crazy, which is what I really hate. For some reason, most baby/toddler clothes shrinks after being washed. However, I can really rely on those stores to provide me with the perfect fit!

I'm now going to share what we recently purchased for her. Stores now have so much cute spring clothing. I'm so obsessed with everything I purchased! I put together a few outfits to give you all a few ideas of how I would style these outfits. P.S we recently discovered Crazy 8, but we also found out that they are also closing all their stores! Boo!! I had not shopped there, but I can tell that the clothes is such good quality. So sad that that they are closing. So if you were not aware, I suggest you go and take advantage of all the sales!

I hope this gives you all ideas for girl clothing. As you can see, I like her to be comfortable, but still be cute throughout the day. I will be linking the clothes below, just in case you all want to shop!




xo, Kim