February 09, 2019

Hello! Today’s post is for all my mama’s out there. I’ll be talking all about one of my favorite diaper bags! For me, finding a good diaper bag was always a bit of a process, but this bag had everything I was looking for.

Let’s be honest, our babies diaper bag becomes our new go to purse. Keeping this in mind, I wanted to find a bag that was stylish and of course convenient. Now a days there are so many options to choose from. When I first saw this bag I instantly fell in love! Freshly Picked seriously nailed this bag in every aspect. From the design, material and color choices. They have two sizes, the classic size and the mini size. I personally chose to go with the mini size. Given the stage that Alessandra is in, I don’t need to be carrying so many things. 

Ever since purchasing this diaper bag, I have gotten so many compliments on it. From my friends who are of course mamas and even ones who are not. Everyone couldn’t believe that it was a diaper bag. They thought that it was a regular bag. The design is that stylish!!! When I would show them the inside, they were blown away by all the space and compartments.

The cute thing about this bag, is that even Alessandra can use it if she wants too. It was designed with that intention. That’s such a cute idea, I love matching with my baby girl! I’m sure you mamas would love that too. I do plan to purchase another one in the future with that in mind. 

Now, I really wanted to show you girls everything this little bag can fit! It’s really unbelievable! My favorite thing is that it does not look bulky, like I’ve seen with so many other bags. I love that once it’s on, it looks sleek and compact. It’s also very comfortable. I’ve taken this bag to a previous Disney trip and it was very comfortable while walking the whole day. 

This bag is also made of premium quality vegan leather. The interior is made of a wipeable and stain-resistant nylon. In other words, this bag is durable and easy to clean. As a mama, those words are just what I want to hear lol. Isn’t this bag so adorable? I’m so OBSESSED with it. Tell me what you girls think below or if you have this bag already tell me why you love it.

xo, Kim

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