February 15, 2019

In #TheMoralesHome we love decorating and rearranging our coffee table! George and I really enjoy changing it up every so often.

We always laugh at ourselves because we end up changing it up and sometimes can’t decide what we like! So we literally take like 30 minutes (or more) adding, moving and removing items hahaha! I know, I know it may sound crazy! However, if you know us you know that we are very picky and somewhat of perfectionists. We also really enjoy and have fun doing it. We are all about the details and believe that those little details make all the difference in your home. With this post, I really wanted to show you some of the ways I decorate my coffee table. I hope that these ideas help give you inspiration to decorate yours! I love to keep it simple. I believe that sometimes less is more. I also like to use things that can be used throughout the whole year. Of course, when it comes to certain holidays I decorate accordingly.


Coasters: These are a great addition, especially when guests come over. They are visible and easy to access! This a MAJOR item for me. I want my guests to be comfortable and have their drinks at arm’s reach. I also do not want any ring marks on my table lol!

Books: Not only do they add dimension, but they look so pretty stacked up! I like to stick to interior design books or fashion books. Of course, you can add any books you’d like. I tend to go with ones that have a cute cover or colorful spine. This adds a nice POP of color or design.

Candle/Candle holder: This is a no brainer for me! Candles definitely set the mood and create a nice ambiance. My favorite ones are from Bath & Body Works! The one pictured is one of our favorites!

Tray: As you can see, I sometimes add a tray to the table. Depending on the decorations, this makes everything look more organized. In my case, my table is round and the tray being square appeals to the eye. Again, dimension is key!

Flower/Plant: Here is where you can have fun! Adding fresh flowers or a nice plant, adds a refreshing look to your table. You can also choose one of your favorite colors or flowers to showcase. I personally, love white and baby pink roses! They add a subtle pop of color and they just make me smile. Adding either makes it look so relaxing and pretty! You cannot have much on the table and the flowers make it look so beautiful just on their own.

Box: I currently do not have one pictured (again we like to change it up), but a box is a nice disguise for all those remote controls! Homegoods has such a great variety! A nice box, can also be a nice accent in whatever color you would like and can be used as storage. 



 Other than what I mentioned above, you can add any cute decorations to your coffee table. Most of our items are from Target, HomeGoods, Hobby Lobby and Amazon. Those are our go to stores for decorations! We always find something we love. If you see something you like, I will be linking what I can find below. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment as well.

xo, Kim