August 22, 2016

I thought it would be nice and fun to do a mini series to share with you guys our love story. Today I will be sharing all about how George and I met! We met back in 2008, thanks to my cousin Kathy that worked with George. I remember my cousin Kathy always telling me that I should meet her friend George, lol. She would tell George the same thing, but George and I never paid any attention to her.

Weekend cruise to the Bahamas!

Kathy would always make plans for all of us to hang out, but it never played out in our favor for us to formally meet. It came to a point where we just wanted to meet to make Kathy happy lol and give her the pleasure of us meeting! We didn't meet until one day in December, George decided to throw Kathy a surprise gathering for her birthday. George decided to invite me to his house just because I was Kathy's cousin and he knew that we are close. So he texted me telling me about the gathering and invited me to go over on December 12, 2008! When the day came, George and I finally got to meet each other. We still wouldn't talk much unitl Gio (Kathy's husband) got us talking in the gathering. Ever since that night, George and I couldn't stop talking! We would text and talk on the phone ALL THE TIME! About two weeks later George asked me to be his girlfriend on Christmas Day. Of course I said yes and the rest is history. 

I was 16 and George was 18 when we started our realationship. We instantly connected and fell in love shortly after that! I like to think that everything happens for a reason and our lives play out how God has planned for us! You might have a plan, but you never know what turns your life can take! Till this day, I think back and see how everything played out. It's so funny how certain events bring people in or out of your life. I'm so grateful for meeting George and having him in my life! I can't picture it any other way! So thanks to Kathy and Gio for being so pushy and knowing that George and I would make a great couple lol. Here are some pictures of our relationship early on...looking back at these makes me think how fast time passes by! We were so YOUNG, lol it was nice picking these pictures out with George, it made us relive so many fun and beautiful memories! George just isn't my husband, he is so much more than that to me! He is my soul mate, life partner and most importantly my best friend!
Our first time at NYC - Rockefeller Center
Graduation Gift (Promise Ring)
Our first DISNEY Trip!
First picnic at the park.
George's work Christmas Party!
Our "Notebook Kiss" in the rain!

Yee-haw, Howdy partner!! Our first Halloween. 
Get together at my cousins house.
Our first HEAT game! GO HEAT!!
V-Day Trip to Universal Studios Orlando!
My Graduation - Class of '10

Ringing in the New Year! 2011

County Fair!(Rides, Food, and more FOOD)
My High School Prom! <3

xo, Kim