November 15, 2014

So I know I'm a little late for this post lol but oh well...better late than never! I'm going to be sharing with you all our pumpkin carvings and costumes. Last year we carved our first pumpkin but it didn't last long, it went bad after 3 days. I was so upset and thought it was a waste of money! So this year the hubby and I decided to carve foam ones that way they can last forever lol. Besides the fact that they last long, they are also cheaper! What we didn't expect was for the foam pumpkins to be harder to carve than the real pumpkins. I'm telling you carving those babies was no joke lol talk about a workout! George chose to do his favorite Marvel hero Iron Man and I chose Minnie Mouse, the hardest one to carve was Minnie Mouse of course. Since she has a lot of details around her mouth it was a little tricky, the pumpkins were hallow so that didn't really help but they both came out great!

We purchased our pumpkins at Home Depot for only $10 each, I know that Michaels the arts and craft store also sells them. A good tip is to make sure you have a good size stencil and that you tape it on securely to your pumpkin. Also make sure you take your time carving since the pumpkin is already hallowed it's more delicate.

I highly suggest you guys check out foam pumpkins for next year, they are a good bang for your buck and the material is good. I love how are pumpkins came out! What do you think?
Now for our costumes! We went with a superhero theme, my husband loves Marvel and DC comics so we went as Green Arrow and the Black Canary. I absolutely loved our costumes, it took us some time to put them together but it was fun and worth it! My husband bought his costume and added the bow, arrows and mask to make it look better. My costume was a complete DIY, most of the clothes I already owned. I just had to add the fish net stockings, wig and mask. I think we did a pretty good job and we looked very similar to the actual characters!

xo, Kim