August 11, 2021

 Hi everyone! Adrianna is 4 months and started eating solids, yay! I love to see how much she is growing and how she enters every baby stage. It’s honestly a mix of emotions, happiness and long days/nights lol. When they go through these leaps it can be a lot for them and makes them crankier. For that reason, George and I research every stage, to truly understand everything she is learning. We feel this helps us understand and help her do her best in each stage!

I wanted to share with all my fellow mama’s everything Adrianna is currently loving and products I’m constantly using. Parenting is not always easy and can be confusing/overwhelming. So I hope this list of must haves can help you all navigate through this season in life. Being a second time parent, I feel so much more confident in what I need. This has helped me narrow down what I would really use and what I really don’t. Every baby is different, but I truly feel these items are helpful.

Beaba Food
This has made prepping Adrianna’s purees so much easier! I love that it’s easy to use and that it cooks/blends everything in one place. Not having to watch over a pot and having to wash them is a mom win for me! I wish I would have purchased this with Alessandra. This product is seriously the best!
Recipe book
Love this book so much! It’s the perfect guide on what to feed your baby as they grow. I remember feeling overwhelmed when I had to first feed Alessandra. This time around I don’t have to guess what I need to feed her, I literally just follow this book. It also gives you so many ideas. I highly recommend this book.
Toys & Rattles
These are her favorite toys at the moment! She loves everything colorful and that makes all the noise lol. These are the ones we have and the best part is that she can use them for a long time! They are also so cute!
Skip Hop Activity Chair

Adrianna absolutely loves this chair! She loves to observe everything and this chair makes it easy for her to see. I love it because it keeps her entertained and helps her develop her muscles. I switch back and forth from here and her play mat throughout the day.
Skip Hop Play Mat
This play mat is my favorite because of the design and color lol. They also have it in gray and white! It’s a good quality and stays in place! We do lots of tummy time here, practice rolling over and Alessandra loves to play with her here.

Dock A Tot

This is a lifesaver lol Adrianna loves to chill in it and still takes naps in it. I loves how convenient it is to move around the house if needed and that you can easily travel with it.

xo, Kim