August 31, 2021

Hello everyone! This is another great post for all my mom friends. These are important must haves to have stocked up. These will make your life easier when your little ones are under the weather. These are holy grail items that are simple and effective.

Snot Sucker + Snot Filters  

This is a MUST have item! Literally a life saver when your little one is sick or stuffy. I know all kids do not like it, but it’s so helpful when they need it the most. As a parent, I am so grateful for this handy tool! So easy to use and most importantly clean. I also change the filter and wash after every use.


Humidifier + Vapor Drops 

This 3-in-1 humidifier is also a night light and diffuser. I specially love how small it is, so I can easily place by my little ones bed. This might be small, but so powerful letting out a lot of mist. The night light also helps for those long nights when they are sick (and us parents get no sleep haha!).  I fill the tank with filtered water and add about 5-7 vapor drops. This enhances the air with a soothing aroma that helps them breathe easily. You can also add these drops to their bath for even more relief.


Vapor Rub 

The most gentle smell for little noses! I like to place this on my girls chests, back and bottoms of their feet.  This is a great option to help clear their airways. Love that it’s a stick, so it’s mess free!


Breathe Wipes 

These smell so GOOD and gentle enough to easily clean off any boogies. They are also infused with aloe vera and chamomile.


Vapor Bath Bombs 

Alessandra loves to drop these in her bath and watch it dissolve. She thinks it’s a game, but it’s actually working   while she plays with her toys. P.S. she has eczema and this does not irritate her skin at all.


Cool Pads 

These are good to have to help cool your little ones temps down. They last 8 hours and gently stick to your little ones head.


I know we all hate when our kids get sick, so being prepared I feel will help relieve any stress. I suggest you build this little sick kit and have it ready to go! I love how Frida Baby is so innovative and simple to use. Shop this post below!

xo, Kim