August 31, 2021

 Hi everyone! Today I wanted to share with you some of the items we purchased for the new school year. I cannot believe that Alessandra is already in Pre-K 4! My baby is getting so big already, time goes by so fast. She was so excited to start school and take her big girl book bag. I’m not going to lie, my heart could not handle seeing her in her uniform. She looked so adorable and big!

Let’s get into it, I knew I wanted her to have a cute school board sign. So naturally,  I turned to the best place to find one, Etsy! While searching I came across this adorable board that wasn’t too busy. I fell in love with the color palette and the fact that it is reusable! This board also allows you to customize it by adding your little ones name. Which is a plus, something less you have to write lol and it  will look perfect! Don’t worry, they also have another color palette option and you get to pick the color of the crayon. To write on the board,  I used chalkboard markers that make everything look cohesive. Definitely recommend this option!

I also wanted to share her Disney princess bookbag, that I am in love with! I love the color and simple design the most. It is from Pottery Barn, where they have different sizes as well. If you have not checked the Pottery Barn book bags out, I suggest you do! Such good quality, that will last a long time. You can have it monogrammed with them or do what I did and use a local company. Linking everything below for you guys to easily shop!
p.s. you can easily throw these bags in the wash and they come out looking brand new.

xo, Kim