July 09, 2020

Hi friends! To continue with our home updates, today I will be sharing our new buffet table. We are absolutely obsessed with this change. This was the easiest area in our home to decorate too, surprisingly enough we quickly decided what we wanted this space to look like. We usually bounce ideas off each other for a bit, before ordering or purchasing anything. Love how simple and clean our buffet table looks!

If you've been following along, you probably know I love mixing metals and textures. That is what we did here and I have to say I'm digging the vibe. Staying true to the "modern farmhouse" style our table is the perfect color. When it comes to decorating I like to add dimension and subtle pops of color. We were able to achieve that with these books and beautiful matte white bowl filled with green moss! Love the natural earthy look against the color of the table.I added a gold round mirror (again, for dimension) to make it feel more welcoming and open when you walk into our home. The lamp we already had from our old table, I liked how tall it was and the color was perfect! I love to turn it on in the evening for a cozy vibe. The rest of the shelves I filled them with serving trays/platters I had in all white for that homey feeling. All in all, this combination is stunning! 

What are your thoughts on our new buffet table? I personally love that we also have way more storage and how sleek the design is. 

xo, Kim