June 19, 2020

YAY! We finally updated our family room and gave it a much needed makeover. We decided to change it to match the new style we are going for in the Morales home, which is "modern farmhouse". I love the idea of adding certain pieces and decor accents that are rustic alongside more modern looking pieces. The outcome? A cozy, bright and airy home!

Throughout our home, you will find different textures, woods, metals and whites! I love the flow of our home and cannot wait to continue sharing updates we make. We have not made any huge updates in the last six years, so we felt that it was time to spruce things up! George and I love decorating our home, so we are excited for all the changes coming. We truly have so much fun decorating and love putting our ideas together!

The main change in the family room was bringing in a new couch! We went with a different color and material. When shopping for our couch, we wanted something kid friendly and that had recliners. So we decided on this dark grey leather sectional. We loved how the dark grey pops against the light grey walls and that it is easy to wipe clean (mom win lol). Below are some pictures of when George and I went furniture shopping. It was fun, just uncomfortable with the masks on (thank you Corona virus).

We also updated our wall gallery by printing out updated pictures. Our photographer (Monica from @Rememberwhenphoto is the best), she took all these pictures! I love looking at our gallery and remembering these special moments with our loved ones.



Overall, I love how much more space we have on our couch and how the lighter color on the walls makes our furniture pop. Even our T.V. console looks bigger and really brightens up the family room. What do you guys think? We are obsessed with how it turned out!

xo, Kim