August 15, 2019

Hello friends! With our family vacation soon approaching, I thought that it would be perfect to round up my must have travel essentials. When it comes to traveling, I am HUGE on prepping and organizing. Specially this time around, since it is our first time traveling with Alessandra outside the country. George and I started to get organized by making a list for ourselves and one for Alessandra. We start the lists like a month or two before the actual trip. This way we won't forget anything and can slowly add to it as we remember. This also allows time for us to order anything if needed.

I ordered these travel bottles because they looked AMAZING! They come in a set of 9 and of course are TSA approved. I love that they are silicone and are designed to be leak proof. They also come in a plastic clear bag and has little labels included. We ordered two of these and feel that it brings more than enough for a long trip. I can't wait to try them out this weekend.

Can you guys believe that this is an LV dupe? I am so OBSESSED with this cosmetics bag. The quality is superb and the price is even better. In this case, I decided to use it as a toiletry bag for our trip. It is the perfect size and the handle on the side makes it easy to carry. I loved it so much, that I even got one for George in black. I plan to use it for makeup as well when we come back. Isn't it so perfect?

Even Alessandra got a toiletry bag! I think that this design is perfect for my little princess. She got so excited when she saw it. If you have been following for a while, you know she loves Disney princesses. I think the size is perfect for kids, since they do require more items when traveling. The neat thing about this bag is that it has a hook, so you can easily hang it anywhere. These are also some of the items that I plan to pack for her and are must haves for kids. 

This makeup travel bag is the real deal! I have no doubt that my makeup will be safe in here. The inside is padded with a hard material and is also very well cushioned. It also comes with dividers inside that can be adjusted to anything you want. I also love the idea of being able to personalize it to my needs. This bag also comes in different colors, I went with the rose gold of course. So excited to use it and organize all my makeup in it.

These sunglasses are the cutest ever! Mines are the over sized black ones and Alessandra's are the pink heart ones! She has been into sunglasses lately and I am here for it! She looks adorable wearing them and never wants to take them off. Both of these sunglasses are super sturdy and the detailing is impeccable. I don't like spending so much money on trendy sunglasses, so these are a major steal! They also come in different colors, I will definitely be buying more for me and my mini me. 

Lastly, this phone case is very light weight and protective. The pop socket makes holding my phone easier. Which is convenient when taking pictures or watching videos. Also, as a mom having a well protected phone is key, since I am always on the go. Plus they are super cute and affordable!

I also ordered a passport wallet, which is SUPER convenient to have! I can stick our driver licenses, passports, credit cards, etc. I love that it is stylish, thin and a great quality.

This was something that we didn't think we needed...but oh boy I'm so happy that we discovered it. Now we have a specific place to put all out dirty clothes and not have it thrown everywhere! We ordered two and I know this will make my life easier when we get back home and unpack.

Before discovering these bags, we used to use plastic grocery bags. Which I never liked, but at that moment we had no choice. These bags are great and the shoes really do fit perfectly. Now I can have peace of mind that our shoes are organized and won't dirty our clean clothes. You can even stick more than one pair, depending on the shoes.

If you are interested in any of these items, make sure to scroll down so you can easily shop the post!

xo, Kim



  1. These are awesome essentials babe! I think I'll grab the silicone travel bottles and LV dupes for my hospital bag for when I deliver :) Thanks for these <3

    1. Yay!! These are going to be PERFECT! So happy you’re going to get them girly!