May 01, 2019

Hi everyone! If you know me, you know that I love cleaning and tend to be a bit picky. That is why today's post is dedicated to the cleaning products I love using in #TheMoralesHome. I have been using these products for many years. As you all know, this blog is all about me sharing things I love and use on the daily! I truly enjoying sharing and interacting with you all. It makes me happy knowing I can help or guide you guys in anything I can.


I use the Method spray on the daily for our counter tops. I absolutely love the purple one the best, it smells amazing too! It cleans everything and can be used on different surfaces. I do use the Bar Keepers Friend, for when I want a deep cleaning on the counter tops. I place a small amount, rub it into the surface and then use a damp cloth. It leave my counters so smooth, shiny and clean. The glass cleaner is also the best and leaves no streaks! The stainless steel cleaner is also great! It's thick and creamy. This allows the appliances to look very shiny and brand new!

As you can tell, Clorox is my number one choice for the bathroom. I know I can count on these products to not only clean, but to truly disinfect! The toilet tabs also help to maintain the toilets clean after every flush. Also the shower cleaner is the BEST one for cleaning those shower doors. I simply wet the doors, spray and use a sponge to gently rub. Lastly, the Pledge is great for cleaning furniture. I love this specific one, it smells great and helps with dust.

These I use to disinfect and use as air fresheners. These are come in handy when one of us are sick. The Lysol spray is not super strong and can be sprayed on furniture. The wipes I use for door knobs and any other surfaces. The Febreeze unstoppables smells like fresh laundry, so yummy!

This is my floor cleaner! I get a bucket full of water and mix this into it. Oh yeah, you guessed's lavender scent LOL. I'm telling you guys, I love lavender so much!  I believe this is the biggest size and it lasts me forever. A little goes a long way and it leaves my floors super clean. This can also be found in almost every Hispanic household lol. 

 I hope you guys enjoyed this post and I would love if you try these products! I highly recommend them for cleaning. I purchased all of mine at  Publix and Target, they carry great options! If you try any let me know. what products do you recommend?

xo, Kim

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