April 15, 2019

Happy Monday everyone!  Easter is around the corner and I wanted to share some inspiration for making Easter baskets. We do a basket for our God child/nephew every year, George and I have fun doing it too! I like to make it colorful, fun and full of summer items for him to use. We also make a cute little basket for our little nephew because, why not? lol we can't leave him out, he is too cute.

I like to start with the filler at the bottom of the basket, this helps to add volume so the items don't sink in. Depending on the items if needed, I add tissue paper first to help add even more volume.

I typically do toys he can use in the beach or pool. I also add cute swim suits and summer clothing. This summer we have a family trip planned, so these are all items they can use on the trip. I like to place the toys in the back and the clothes in the front. This way everything can be seen perfectly! I also add colorful eggs all around to fill in any empty spaces.

 These are the final baskets! How cute did they come out? I know that they will love them so much! I can not wait for them to see them!


xo, Kim