February 05, 2019

This weekend I decided to do a fun activity with Alessandra and decorate sugar cookies! I think February is such a cute month. If you know me, you know that I love hearts and the color pink! So I was definitely looking forward to this activity.

Ever since Alessandra was born, I looked forward to doing activities like this with her. I think it is important to make these memories with her! I know she is too small to remember, but she can look back at these pictures and always have this sweet memory.

Another great thing was that I found the EASIEST sugar cookie recipe. The recipe was literally so easy to follow and they tasted so good. They were hubby approved lol so that's a good sign. You can find that same recipe here. Trust me when I say that it is SUPER easy to follow and they even have a video. Which is helpful if you aren't so comfortable with baking or are a visual learner like me hahaha.

Alessandra had so much fun decorating the cookies. She definitely loved the icing, if you can't already tell by the pictures. She just wanted to eat everything lol she was like "mom hurry up!". Overall, I think the cookies came out adorable! Homemade is best, at least in my book! 

Please let me know if you guys give this recipe a try! I know you will not regret it. These cookies would also make such a sweet and thoughtful gift for Valentine's Day. You can wrap these up in individual baggies, add a nice ribbon and tag. If you do try these, make sure to tag me so I can see. 

P.S. can  you point out which one my baby girl did? 


xo, Kim