July 05, 2016

Hi guys! So the hubby and I have finally found the perfect mirrored frames for our bedroom! Our room is our quiet place and where we go to relax. So we like to keep the decor very minimal and the color schemes light and airy. On this wall we used to have a black frame with one of our engagement pictures in it. We wanted to update it by adding a wedding picture, but we wanted to change the frame to a mirrored one to make it more modern and clean looking. On one of our MANY trips to Target lol, George spotted a beautiful 8x10 mirrored frame! The size was perfect, so we decided to purchase two and put two wedding pictures instead of one on the wall. As soon as we bought the frames we had chosen two of our favorite pics, we ordered them to be printed in black and white. I wanted them black and white to keep the same color scheme and make it look soft and gentle. George (the best handyman ever lol) hung them in an instant and we couldn't be more obsessed with how it looks and adds a modern touch to our room! Click here for a direct link to the frames!

xo, Kim