July 01, 2016

George and I were happy to say goodbye and good riddance to our carpet upstairs!! This was a project we have been dying to complete for a while now. We were willing to wait some more time, since we know that owning a house is a never ending project anyways. Also, I'm sure you all know that owning a house and doing projects can get pricey! However, the carpet was giving us really bad allergies and we simply could not take it anymore. We had been looking at colors since we moved in two years ago, but still had not found one we loved. We were looking for a color to compliment our grey walls, showed the woods natural grains, had some color variation and most importantly was a wide plank. Our friends referred us to a store called Floor & Decor, I'm glad they did because it was the only place with a color we absolutely fell in love with! After looking at the samples for some time we decided to go with their color Smoked Oak in laminate. 

When we received our order, we let the laminate settle into our house for 2 days. They suggest you just let it sit so it can acclimate to the house before installation. After those 2 days the madness began lol, but it was totally worth it! Yes, it was hard and there was dust everywhere but it had to be done. It was hard for me as a clean freak, but I got through it and kept reminding myself it was temporary lol. I'm just happy we got it done now specially before we have kids, so we do not have to make them go through all that dust etc. I'm so amazed at how different our house looks now, it looks so much more spacious and more beautiful! The color we chose looks perfect and it's just what we wanted, we are so obsessed with it! However, I have to definitely give my hubby and his grandpa props for installing it all. I'm so blessed to have a husband that is so handy lol and the best part is that looking back on this project we will cherish it more since it was done by us (mainly George lol). Let me know what you guys think!

xo, Kim