July 17, 2016

Today I woke up craving pancakes! Which isn't new if you know me lol, breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. I love pancakes so much, but as we all know they are not healthy :(. I'm trying to work out and eat healthy, so I decided to turn to Pinterest and find healthy recipes for pancakes. I stumbled upon an easy and quick recipe.
They are called Banana Pancakes and they are so yummy and a great substitute from the original. The best part is that it only requires 3 ingredients, which you most likely will have already in your house!

2 ripe bananas
2 eggs

What you need:
PAM Coconut Oil
Mixing bowl

What to do:
Peel ripe bananas and break into small pieces
Crack eggs into the bowl
Smash and mix bananas and eggs
Sprinkle cinnamon to taste
Mix everything together
Heat up a pan on medium heat
Spray some coconut oil
Cook each side till it's golden brown
Layer on top of each other
Drizzle choice of syrup on top
& Enjoy!

This was the final result! Doesn't it look good? It looks just like regualr pancakes, I will definitely be doing these pancakes again! I loved it!
If you guys try it let me know!

xo, Kim