June 25, 2015

Hi guys! So, George and I got inspired today after work and when that happens we usually get creative. You can say my husband and I truly enjoy DIY projects specially when it's for our home! We decided to be brave and paint on a blank canvas because we wanted to add a unique touch to our upstairs hallway. We thought it would be fun, different and budget friendly! I don't know about you guys but art work can get pricey in my opinion, so this is an affordable option to add art work to your home. Besides the fact that it's fun and totally customizable which I love because you can make it anything you want. We wanted something modern and simple so we went with the ombre look. The colors we chose were black, grey and white! Here is the final result let me know what you guys think?

We purchased everything at Michaels the arts and craft store and literally spent less than $20. We purchased 2 blank canvases, foam brushes, and the acrylic paint. Before we got started, we looked up some images for inspiration but we quickly learned that art cannot be duplicated lol. So basically we winged it and most importantly had FUN with it. We were intimidated at first but once we got started we could not stop lol. I think we did a good job and we love the final result! Oh and once we finish painting that wall they are hanging on a light grey it will POP even more!! Below are the products that we used for this project.

Feel free to leave any comments or questions below! One tip I can give you guys is to use soft strokes in one direction and don't be afraid to mix and play with the colors!

xo, Kim