August 04, 2014

Hi guys! I finally had a chance to do our year round wreath; I think wreaths are a great way to add character and a personal touch to your home. So of course I went to Pinterest for guidance and inspiration on this little project. Feel free to follow me on there so we can share ideas @ Kimberlyy33  you can see the types of wreaths I pinned!

Any who, since this is for the whole year I decided to go simple and just incorporate a burlap bow, our last name initial and my favorite flowers which are hydrangeas. I went with a pretty blue to change it up a bit and add a pop of color to our door without it being so bright, I also did one for my sissy in law and lovely mother in law with different color flowers to make them a little different. You can say I'm the Martha Stewart in the family (that's what they call me) Everything was purchased at our local arts and crafts store Michael's and it was not expensive, believe it or not it is cheaper to make it yourself then to purchase it already made...FYI!

Materials Needed:
1. Round Wreath
2. Burlap Garland
3. Wooden letter
4. Two hydrangeas
5. Glue gun & glue refills
6. Scissors
7. Wreath Hanger

How To:
1. Deciding where you want to place the wreath hanger is important as you may know all wreaths are not equal, you need to make sure you are happy with where the wreath hanger is placed so that it is equally in the middle. (I placed the hanger on the top of the wreath and did not remove it until I finished gluing once I was done I removed the hanger and just let it all dry to avoid any mistakes.)
2. Cut the stems off the flowers making them short enough so they won’t stick out from the back of the wreath (I usually eye ball it depending on the size of the wreath).
3. I like to place the flowers on the wreath and play with it before I hot glue gun everything just to make sure I like it before it's too late!
4. Make your bow! Below is a step by step picture on how I did it. (I had to play with the bow until I got it to look evenly before I hot glued it to the wreath).
5. Place the letter on the wreath, try to place it on the straightest surface on the wreath so the glue can grab on to the branches as much possible to avoid it from falling.
6. Now start gluing away but be careful with the heat!
7. Here is a tip...I hung my wreath on a door inside the house with the wreath hanger just so I would make sure I would glue everything in the correct places. I only put glue on the 2 back flaps of the bow so that it allows you to insert or remove the wreath hanger in the future. Also you will notice that with this method you will not affect the bow in any way.
8. Make sure you put lots of glue on the flower stems, the bow and the letter and let it dry for 20-30 minutes before you put it up to avoid anything from falling or drying unevenly! It's very simple and fun if anything feel free to ask any questions (: 

xo, Kim