May 04, 2021

Today's post is a very special one and such a sweet memory to write for myself. Even though this is my second baby, this pregnancy and delivery were so different. I did not get around to writing Alessandra's birth story on my blog. However, this post has inspired me to go back and dedicate a post to that special day as well! So keep an eye out for that post coming soon to the blog, all about how I became a mama for the first time. Now, let's continue to Adrianna's birth story and that beautiful day!

On Wednesday March 17th I went to my doctor appointment and my OB/GYN informed me that I was about 3cm dilated. At this point I was 38 weeks and 3 days pregnant. My doctor decided to have me induced, due to my gestational diabetes. I was scheduled to be induced on March 22nd at 7am! I remember being so excited and looking forward to meeting our baby girl soon! I also remember being super tired, swollen and just over it lol. Come Saturday March 20th, we woke up and went to the hospital at 7am to get my covid test done. This was required in preparation for my induction on Monday. Then we took Alessandra to her dance class as we normally would on Saturday's. After her dance class, we went to Tropical Park so George can get his Covid test done. 

That is when my contractions started getting intolerable and I was in a lot of pain! I knew I had to start timing them. They kept getting stronger and closer together the whole time we were there. Once we got home, it had already been an hour since my contractions started. I remember telling George that if they did not get better I wanted to go to the hospital just in case. I was scared of missing my chance to get an epidural haha! At this point Alessandra went down for a nap, George had to finish some work and I decided to shower and do my hair lol. After another hour my contractions did not stop. That is when I decided it was time to go to the hospital! So we grabbed all our bags and dropped off Alessandra at my in laws house. At this point it was about 4pm when we checked into the hospital. They checked me again and saw I was still 3cm, but my contractions were very close together and strong. So my doctor decided to have me induced that same day! I was very happy to hear this because I was so ready to have this baby lol. 

Once I was in the delivery room everything moved pretty fast. I got my IV hooked up, epidural, etc. all within two hours of being there. From here on out, I became very uncomfortable as I had to switch positions every 30 minutes. Adrianna was moving so much, they were having a hard time picking up her heartbeat. At around 9pm my doctor saw me and said I was progressing great on my own. However, she did say my contractions were spacing out a bit, but wanted to wait a bit longer before giving me any Pitocin. About 3 hours later, they decided to give me Pitocin and use the peanut ball to help me labor faster. At this point I was so exhausted, tired and remember the hours going by so slow. This time around my laboring process was much longer and very hard on me overall. Then finally, I dilated more and started to feel the need to push! They called my doctor who got there a 5am ready to help me deliver this baby! 

I remember being so nervous, excited and ready to go at the same time lol. I was more confident in what I was doing, so I was pushing with everything I had! I pushed for a total of 12 minutes, that is when my doctor had me pull Adrianna out and onto my chest. It all happened so fast, George and I were in a state of bliss once we saw her. Due to Covid, it was just us two in the delivery room, but it made that moment even more special. George was so supportive the whole time and really encouraging! So lucky to have such an amazing hubby. We cried happy tears and couldn't believe she was here! Adrianna Camila Morales was born exactly at 6:00am. Weighing 7 lbs 13 oz and 20.25 inches long. From the moment she was born, we could not stop looking at her and thinking that our family was finally complete.

P,S. Make sure to scroll for more pictures of Adrianna's newborn photoshoot. Taken by our family Photographer Monica from @RememberWhenPhoto.

xo, Kim