November 20, 2020

 We got creative this year for Halloween! We did not feel safe going out to trick or treat this year, so we decided to make it fun for the kids at home! Let me tell you, they had so much fun playing and doing activities. We decided to celebrate with Alessandra's cousins and keep it small.

We planned for the kids to carve pumpkins, decorate cookies and eat lots of candy!. Since we did not feel safe going out, we thought it would be fun to do a Halloween version of an egg hunt. We purchased small cauldron's and pumpkins to fill up with candy and hide outside in the backyard. Needless to say, it was a total hit with the little ones. They truly had a blast on Halloween, despite everything we have been through due to Covid-19.

Also, I loved Alessandra's costume this year! She chose to be Princess Jasmine and it looked perfect on her. We are huge Disney fans lol so I'm loving this princess stage! Her costume was so beautiful, I was able to purchase it in Disney when we went in late September. She also loved it and had so much fun being princess Jasmine for the day. Can't wait for next year when we add our 2nd princess to the mix lol. 

xo, Kim