March 14, 2019

Today's post is all about my hair! I get a lot of questions on what products I use, so I decided to round them up for you here. These are all products that I love and have been using for many years. I naturally have curly thick hair and these products work wonders. To be honest, I use a variety of products to achieve healthy hair. From drug store brands to high end brands, I believe that if the product is good the price or brand does not really matter.

These are the products I use in the shower. I have been using Herbal Essence for years now. It is my go to and their Bio Renew collection is my favorite! I also use this Briogeo conditioning mask once a week or whenever I feel my hair needs a little more love! I do use a lot of heat on my hair, so this conditioning mask is a life saver (plus they smell AMAZING).

To untangle my hair, I always use this Briogeo conditioning spray. Since my hair is curly, this makes it easier to brush out. It also helps with any frizz I might have and protects from heat. Also this hair brush is the best ever! It literally slides through my hair so easily. That is a major plus when you have curly hair.

After I untangle my hair, I begin to blow dry it, iron and style it!  I normally always have my hair straight, but there are times where my curls come out to play lol. I love that I have the best of both worlds! 

Once I'm done, I love adding a hair oil. This helps with any frizz and helps my hair look sleek and smooth. I apply this to the ends of my hair only and I use whatever product is left on my hands to smooth out the top. One pump of this OUAI oil goes a long way, it also smells very good too!

Keep in mind that all these products are for any hair type. I highly suggest these products because I feel that having a hair care routine in place is important. By incorporating these products you can achieve healthy, soft and strong hair.

xo, Kim