July 12, 2016

Hey guys! :) As you all know George and I love decorating our home and all the little details that it entitles. We have been in our home for 2 years now and in that time frame we have done a lot! As you can see from my previous blog posts. I thought it would be cool to show you our favorite rooms and all the decor details. This is a fun way for me to not only express myself, but document important moments, relive memories and share things I love. 

This post is all about our adorable buffet table and the many benefits of having one of these in your home! My favorite thing about buffet tables is that it serves as storage, you can also make it look cute and organized. Not to mention you can display your china or your favorite pieces. We purchased ours from Overstock and at a very affordable price. Again, how lucky am I that my hubby is a handy man lol. He built this sucker all on his own...well I was there too for support and to pass tools as needed :P The coolest part of this table is that the glass door slides from side to side. This is a nice feature because you can change things up and make it look different. Oh and in the drawers to the right, I just have a glass pitcher and a table cloth...nothing crazy lol. I wish I can link where I bought everything that is displayed, but a lot of it is from HomeGoods. If you go as much as I do, you will see they have a huge variety and at amazing prices. I will try my best and link what I can below so you guys can shop the post! :) 

Our favorite part of this whole area is the canvas, it adds the perfect amount of color and makes the area POP! I like adding pops of color here and there to make an area stand out. Something simple like this adds life to a room without it being too much. What are your favorite pieces in your buffet table?

Canvas (Pier 1, no longer available)
Lamp (HomeGoods)
White cake stand  (HomeGoods)
Plates & bowls  (HomeGoods)
Champagne flutes  (HomeGoods)

xo, Kim