July 25, 2016

Hello my loves! Today I have decided to write about another area in our home. Even though George and I have been 2 years in #TheMoralesHome, we still find ourselves rearranging or adding small details to different areas in the house. You can say, it is something we truly enjoy doing together. If you know us, you know we love changing things up all the time. We love finding new ideas to better something or we simply rearrange things to add a different "look" to our house. All our friends and family come to us for new ideas and help when decorating their homes, we definitely don't mind lol, specially when it comes to shopping for new things! Everyone knows we are clean freaks and love organizing, so they know we are the go to people. I know most husbands are usually not involved in such things, but I actually LOVE the fact that my hubby is so involved. It makes it that much more fun and special decorating our home.

I decided to continue my home series with our master bathroom. Our bathroom isn't the biggest and I felt like we needed more storage for items we use the most. However,  I wanted it to still look cute not something just thrown under the sink or something that was not easily accessible. For me it's all about the DETAILS. The smallest things can make the biggest difference or make a room look complete. The only thing that came to our minds was placing shelves on the wall and adding cute glass jars! Luckily, we found the shelves at IKEA (very inexpensive, that's always a bonus lol). The largest and smallest jars are from Crate & Barrel. The pink candle and medium sized jar are from Target. (All the details will be linked below!)

IKEA sells the shelves already in a long size, which is a bonus because you can customize the size to your bathroom wall. All you have to do is get an electrical saw to cut off one of the ends to the size you want, thank God for George's grandfather and all his tools lol. George hung these up very easily too! We decided to fill the jars with frequently used items, cotton swabs, cotton balls and of course our favorite soap Dove. Doesn't it look so cute? It's something so simple and of course you can place anything you want on these shelves. My goal was to make my life easier but make it cute at the same time lol. I love how it looks and how it gives our bathroom more life! Remember guys, it's all about the details. 

What do you guys think? I hope this idea helps those of you struggling with storage problems!

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Pink Candle (Alternate)
Cotton swabs, cotton balls & soaps were purchased at Walgreens.

xo, Kim