July 29, 2016

Coffee table decor....where do I begin? lol Let's just say that it's safe to say that the coffee table decor in #themoraleshome is not something constant. I definitely find myself rearranging it a lot! I just feel that there is so many ways to decorate it and make it look cute. Remember, it's all about the DETAILS; and the details on the coffee table make a huge statement to a family room. I feel that it's a major focal point in the room. So, now that you know how I've been warned lol. Keep an eye out for future posts for new coffee table decoration ideas. I also blame it on all the cute things I find at Target and Homegoods!

This is the current set up I have now, I wanted something simple and clean looking. I'm OCD so having everything in order and straight is a MUST :P
The white tray is from Target of course and that I do use year round. It's amazing and makes anything look good and complete! I know they had different colors but I LOVE white! The little glass vase is from Homegoods, but I was able to find something similar in World Market. The silver knot I would say is my favorite piece. I think it looks so modern and most importantly unique! I love mix matching textures and colors to make it my own. Our area rug was one of the first things we purchased along with our coffee table. We bought it at Target and we love how it adds life to the room with the pattern. Lastly, who doesn't have designer books on their coffee table right lol? I know a lot of people choose the books based on the cover. However, I did not do that I chose the books based on the content inside. These two books were my favorites for tips on decorating. If you can check them out, you will love them!I will link everything below as usual.

Sparkle Tip: When picking pieces for your coffee table, keep in mind getting things of different sizes and colors. This will add dimension to it and give it that WOW factor!

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xo, Kim