May 18, 2014

Our adventure at Color Me Mine was so much fun! What is Color Me Mine you ask? Well it's an arts and crafts store that specializes in painting and customizing any piece they have available.

They have mugs, vases, bowls etc. but they never have the same pieces because each piece is handmade and unique. My husband and I went along with my cousin and we all chose to pick a piece that was Christmas inspired of course LOL! George and I chose a cute snowman (who we named Frosty!) and my cousin Kathy chose Santa Claus! Take a look at our before and after pictures!



How it works:
Once you have chosen your piece the next step is to choose your colors! They provide you with a color chart and a small plate to put whatever color you chose on the plate. Every table has paint brushes on them already but you can always ask for more. I suggest that when you are painting your piece you do even strokes and do about 4 layers of paint, yes this might be a bit time consuming depending on the size of your piece. It took us about 8 hours to fully paint our pieces, however it was extremely relaxing and its something out of the ordinary. Once we finished we had to leave the pieces there for about a week to give them time to put them in the oven to bring out the true colors. It is well worth the time and wait for the beautiful outcome. As you can see from above it looks store bought! we go to put him out for Christmas and it made a huge difference in our home, we all love Frosty and can't wait to go back to Color Me Mine!

Here is there website if you are interested in seeing if they have a location near you!

xo, Kim