September 16, 2016

I'm a lash girl! I can go out with no makeup, just mascara and feel pretty! Mascara makes a world of a difference. It helps add life to your face and makes your eyes pop! As you may have read on "My everyday makeup routine" I always use my Cover Girl lash blast mascara.
However, I recently came across an old favorite and I'm IN LOVE again! I have no idea why I stopped using this one. I'm talking about the L'Oreal Luminous mascara in carbon black! OMG this mascara is amazing and the best part is that it now has a primer. I have never used an eyelash primer before, but I have always read that they are good to add volume and length. This combo is seriously life changing, my lashes have never looked better. If you girls have never used a primer, I suggest you give it a try! You'll thank me later, I promise it's SO good!

What it does: The primer is to help add volume and length to your lashes. It also helps to naturally curl your lashes. I used to curl mine, but now I can skip that step! Besides curling them can damage your lashes.

How to use it: This is my first step! I coat my lashes from root to tip about 2 times. Make sure to wait about 30 seconds after you apply the primer before you go in with the mascara. It's important to let it dry, this way it thickens up and the mascara sticks to it. If you don't let it dry, I found out that it just blends together and defeats the purpose!

Product: I've always loved using drugstore mascaras! I think they work perfect and I love that there are so many to pick from. Lately, I've been using the L'Oreal Voluminous in carbon black.

Technique: Over the years, I've noticed that there is really only one technique that works for me. My TRICK is to wiggle the wand back and forth upwards! This helps the product get all over my lashes and it also helps give them length. Another tip is to close your eye while wiggling the wand upward! I put on as much product as I want. I like my lashes to look full and I don't mind them a bit clumpy. However, you can definitely build this up as much as you'd like. Make sure you get the "carbon black" mascara it's super pigmented! Now, don't forget to show your bottom lashes some love too! My bottom lashes are naturally long, but I still apply the primer! I love LONG lashes so the primer helps with that. You can instantly tell the difference!
Hope this helps you girls! Feel free to leave any questions or comments below.

xo, Kim